We are two Americans, living in Amsterdam, making wine in Australia…

Welcome, friends

Welcome, friends

October 01, 2015

Welcome, friends

Two years ago I gave up my home, gave away my belongings on the street in Chinatown and left New York with only a suitcase, headed into the unknown.  It’s been a whirlwind and the dust is only now beginning to settle.

Along the way there have been many lessons and some that rocked my very center and tugged at the strings of my heart until it’s lovely juices happily poured out. There were also many long nights of wrestling with my decision to leave my friends, my home, my job and my city to embark on this journey.

Through it all, one thing became crystal clear: that I am the luckiest girl on the planet.

I have a best friend, I have a creative partner and I have a lover – all in the same person.

I mean, who knew it was possible, to have all of the best pieces in the chocolate box?

Together we’ve gone deep to find what we both believe in, what we both want to put our collective weight behind. It had to be something we had a crush on, something that we wanted to paw at and take down… It had to be something that included a challenge, with a point of view that we could add to, something that wasn’t already ‘figured out’.

If I’ve learned anything since I left New York two years ago, it’s that a project such as this is really the most valuable kind. Everything is thrown onto the table: suggestions you’re unsure of, ideas you feel strongly about, things you are embarrassed you don’t already know…

You realize it’s not about you or your great idea at all; it’s about this super-cool opportunity to take an idea, and along with your partner, spin it from a lovely momentary gossamer thread into a bad-ass web of strength and purpose.

So yeah, An Approach To Relaxation will make wine. But the end goal is far more rich; we want to give you our all. All of the good shit we’ve mined from traveling over 300 days a year, all the scrumptious stuff we’re making, a peek into our own little world of ideas/ questions/ dreams; but most of all, a fantastic sense of levity in an otherwise dangerously serious life.

So come on! Jump on in!

We may bite, but not too hard.