We are two Americans, living in Amsterdam, making wine in Australia…

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Or: Tell me where to eat in Montreal & I’ll hook you up in Hong Kong)

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (Or: Tell me where to eat in Montreal & I’ll hook you up in Hong Kong)

I decided a long time ago that I want to fill my days with every fabulous thing life has to offer. For me that does not mean a fancy-but-discreet European villa, haute couture gear or even the best that Burgundy has to offer.

I want the best food; I want a succession of meals that act as mountaintop perches from which I can pause, sated, satisfactorily surveying my life before I surrender to a 22 minute power nap.

I was raised sans awareness of food as love; it was a necessary thing, without any hint of romance. Frozen Cordon Bleu pucks from Costco. Hormel Chili out of a can when you get home from school. Sizzler (Popcorn Shrimp!) on Father’s Day. And when my mom began to explore the exotic aisle at Price Club, we matured gastronomically, tucking into thresher shark and frozen stir fry.

Fast forward to today: Richard & I travel over 300 days a year. When you eat out that frequently, eating delicious, exciting food becomes an enormous part of what makes non-stop travel a joy rather than a curse. We are constantly exchanging travel notes with anyone who has great suggestions for the funkiest Thai cuisine, the prettiest fried fish, the sweetest nugget of a wine list. Rarely are our plans based on Michelin Stars or set menus with a 5 hour time commitment. We want the food that best describes the people, the culture, and how the local flora and fauna smell & taste.

Y’all are constantly asking us for the good word, so in order to give you what you want, we’ve built a map on our site which will guide you to some delicious, off-the-beaten path gems. Wanna know where to get a buzz on before heading to the Monterey Bay Aquarium? Or perhaps you’re in the South of Spain and hankering after the best fried fish snacks of all time? We’ve got you.

Our website aims to offer you An Approach To Relaxation; it’s not just about the wine we make, it’s also about all of the other good things that go along with delicious wine. Most of the time that is food, but sometimes it’s a list of great museums to visit, or which water taxi to take to the beach when Manhattan gets too hot in the Summer.

We’ve just begun compiling the list, and we eagerly look forward to fleshing it out as we continue to jump around the planet. So we ask you: What are you holding? What delicious suggestions do you have that will make our lives better? Tell us where to eat, stay and play, and we’ll check it out next time we’re in town.

The planet is only getting smaller, and what better way to make it feel more like a community and less like the intimidating unknown than to holler at your friends when they roll through, letting them know where they can go in order to be happily fed.

All the info is free, it’s all delicious, and it’s all for you. Get after it!

PS: My mom now texts me asking for Richard’s Duck Fat potato recipe and roasted Chicken á la Marcella Hazan. Delicious Food: 1. Just Getting By: 0.