The Makers of Sucette



We’ve got a zillion friends who make cool stuff that you’re probably already aware of, but here are a few (plus a couple strangers) who may not yet be on your radar.

These are a few of our favorite things:

To Drink:

Kalin Cellars – One of the inspirations for Nichon: long-lived, fantastic Cali Semillon.

Chateau Musar – Some of the quirkiest, most soulful wines on the planet.

The Legend, Serge Hochar of Chateau Musar, had many lessons to share.

Alexandre Filaine – Used to make wine for Bollinger. Now makes wine for himself. (And you, if you're lucky.) Extreme value for extreme deliciousness.

In Pursuit of Tea – This fcuking guy seduced us with tea (makes coffee look vulgar.)

Tea Photo

To Snuggle With:

Kigurumi – When you travel the majority of the year, sometimes you need something that immediately zips you into chill, home-mode. Large fleece animal outfits help.

A.P.C. Candles – No. 4 Fleur D'Oranger: Pretty, floral, musky. Gentle.

Oak Candles– Christopher + West '73: Leather, sweat, sex and smoke. Rough.

To Look At:

Michael Vasquez – Simply the most dope artist we are aware of at the moment.

Wren– Richard asked Carla to marry him with a piece of calamari. She said yes and then ate it. Richard asked Mary Ellen to create a gold calamari wedding ring. How can you not love a woman who is willing to create a calamari ring?

Zana Bayne– Post-Fetish Leather gear. Don't know what post-fetish is, but I do know her leather is righteous.

To Listen To:

Jamie XX– Get the album. Listen to the playlist. It's all great.

Kiasmos– How we work from home: listen to this, drink green tea, grind.

JS Bach– The Cello Suites (1,5 & 6) by Yo-Yo Ma. Music to calm the beast.

On Our Phones:

Nitch– When you tire of bottle shots and curated food porn, check out @_nitch on Instagram for a reminder of what's really important.

Kerwin Claiborne– Maybe not as important, but actually, maybe. You'll thank us for this one. @yep_im_kajun

Dr. On Demand – When you live on the road, this app gets you a doctor & a prescription within minutes; invaluable when that recycled airplane air finally gets the best of you.

Buienradar- When we miss home, we check the Buien, see that it's raining again, and feel comforted.

Who Is Inspiring Us Right Now:

Ashley Christensen & Her Team: One of the most admirable women working in restaurants, period. She stands up for those who could use a voice, and she uses her voice when people tell her she should, 'Just Cook & Be Quiet.' Written across all windows of all her restaurant in Raleigh, NC: 'Don't Forget Kindness.' The entire planet needs more Ashley Christensens.